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Season 1, Episode 12    |    50min

Stop Saying Yes!

By The Wine-y Entrepreneurs

When you say yes to everything, you’re not bringing 100%. We’ve struggled with feeling obligated to take every opportunity that comes our way. When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s hard to say no to opportunity, right!? Join us for a bit of wine and conversation as we talk about when say yes and how to make that tough decision. 

What People Are Saying


Shelby and Danielle are down to earth, professional business owners who share their challenges, inspirations and advice in a well thought out and engaging manner. The content is relatable even if you’re not an entrepreneur – I’d recommend this to all professionals and wine lovers!



I love how articulate, poised and relateable Shelby and Danielle are. They make the topic of entrepreneurship a little less daunting and a little more approachable. And the wine talk scattered throughout each episode is pure icing on the cake. Well done ladies!


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Danielle Mohr

Danielle is the founder of Fine Point Writing & Editing.

For 99% of the population, writing is stressful, boring, hard, or a major time-waster. For Danielle, it’s as important as breathing.

Fresh out of a Bachelor of Arts degree and with no prospects for a “real” job, Danielle decided (hesitantly) to pursue a career in writing for businesses back in 2016. Fine Point Writing & Editing was born, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Shelby Varughese

Shelby is the founder of All Set Style & Image Consulting.

After nearly 20 years in various retail and corporate positions, including a 13-year career as a Human Resource professional with two large, international corporations, she decided to take her experience working with leaders and employees in pursuit of a different passion. Her desire for teaching and inspiring men and women how to feel confident in the clothes they wear and project the best version of themselves propelled her to start All Set Style & Image Consulting.

Shelby has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta and she is a Certified Image Consultant and Certified Men’s Image Consultant with the Fashion Stylist Institute based in Sacramento, CA. She is also a Personal Colour Specialist through Fashion Academy.

All Set Style: Empowering you to dress to conquer your world.

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