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November 30, 2021

S3, E6: You Can’t Do it On Your Own with Holly Messenger Aamot


Who do you have in your corner? Today we talk to Holly Messenger Aamot, founder of Atelier False Holly, published photographer with That False Holly Girl, and so much more, about how vital community is.

There are two ways of looking at community that we talk about – business buds and community of people helping us get work done. We get into how you find them, how you nurture them, and how you let go of them.

  • Trust our gut when we have new voices
  • Choosing people who lift us up and truly want to see us succeed
  • Overcommitting because we love community
  • Surround yourself with complementary skills

p.s. Holly is the photographer behind the camera of all our great photos!

You will also hear from William of Vines Wine Merchants Riverbend about the wine pairing for this episode. What to try it? Head over to Vines and let them know you heard about it here!

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