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January 27, 2021

To Hire or Not to Hire


We are so excited to start our next series on Human Resources for small businesses! We have a resident expert in the HR field as Shelby majored in HR in university and proceeded to spend 13 years working in HR for a couple international organizations. Although she left the field to start All Set Style (which she is still running), she has returned to HR through her second business, Monogram HR Consulting, that she started with her business partner Megan Lam.

In this episode we are tackling Recruitment. Have you needed to hire someone and didn’t know where to start? If it’s the right timing? Or had a bad experience recruiting? This episode is for you. Danielle pick’s Shelby’s brain on all things recruitment.

Check out Shelby’s second business Monogram HR Consulting

Your Hosts:

Danielle Mohr (Fine Point Writing & Editing)

Telling stories is Danielle’s passion, whether she’s helping clients tell the story of their businesses through copywriting or working on novels in her spare time. She enjoys spending time outdoors and hiking in the mountains with her dog and best friend, Milo.

Shelby Varughese (All Set Style & Image Consulting)

Shelby is a personal stylist in Edmonton with a strong focus on helping her clients regain their confidence and create a wardrobe that helps them reach their goals. She’s also a professional keynote speaker and loves trail running and spending time with family and friends.

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